Sunday, 15 January 2012

From Lunch to Painting

I was at home one day needing something to hold paint so I could make an example of an art project for my students and I didn't have any old yogurt containers. I was searching everywhere in my house and when I looked in the recycling bin I was happy to see a plastic container from a Lunchmate Stackers.
Instantly I saw the potential ! Not only are the plastic containers flat on the bottom so they won't tip over.... they hold up to 4 colors at once. I used the Lunchmate Stackers container for my paint and since then they have become a wonderful resource in my classroom. Students have less containers on their desk which helps with paint accidents and the plastic containers are incredibly easy to wash out and reuse.
At the beginning of the year I always tell my students to keep the plastic containers from their Lunchmate Stackers so we can use them for paint containers. I was very surprised at how many students bring these for lunch. I will never use small yogurt containers again for paint. Well unless they stop selling Lunchmate Stackers in the grocery stores that is and even if they do I am sure I have enough saved up to last me a decade:)


  1. What a great idea found this because of pinterst I just always used a paper plate but this will do so much better.

  2. What a great idea:) Thanks for sharing:)

    4th Grade Frolics

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  5. recycling the plastic container what a great idea.


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