Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pinterest Obsessed

If you are like me and EXTREMELY obsessed with Pinterest you will want to check out the linky party over at Rainbows Within Reach's blog. Right now there are 328 teacher related links to peoples pinterest boards all related to education. I am in heaven....
Just click on the picture to get to the linky party and start celebrating!

I would also welcome you to check out my Pinterest boards here. I have found many great things that I have incorporated into my classroom and perhaps the most useful idea has been the clip chart classroom management system. I originally found a pin to Teach-A Roo's blog where she had a post about the chart along with the downloadable materials needed. (I know have some charts in my TpT store and you can check them out here!)

Here is the chart in use in my classroom. I have boys on one side and girls on the other so it is easy for them to find their pin. Everybody starts each day on Ready to Learn and they move up or down from there.
I was hesitant to bring this into the classroom but it works like a charm! EVERY one of my students was on board and was motivated by the clips. The best part they are the ones to move the clips so they take ownership for their actions.

 Just close ups for you :)

 Here are the pins up close. I bought cheap clothes pins from the dollar store and stickers from all over. Every time they get to the top they get to pick a sticker. 

 Once they get 5 stickers they take the pin home and they get a new pin. Each new pin is a different color so they can see how many times they have had new pins.
The girls liked to wear their pins as barrettes once they could take them home.

It was the board managers job to move all pins back to Ready to Learn at the end of the day. Every once in awhile we would write in planners "My pin was on ______________ today."

I hope you find some great things on Pinterest because I know I have.


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  2. I am so sorry Teacher Nyla. I accidentally hit the wrong button and deleted your comment. I cannot figure out how to get it back. I feel so bad. You took the time to comment here and then I messed up and deleted it:(

  3. I like some of the terms you used on your clip chart better than mine. I also like the font. Could you please tell me what font you used and what size you used? I have been enjoying touring your site. Thanks. EMM

    1. THank you but I cannot take any credit for them. There is a link at the beginning of my post that will take you to the blog I got them from. All I did then was print them off in color, glue them together, and then laminate them:)


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