Sunday, 3 February 2013

Super Sunday Game

As I mentioned the other day I am not a football fan but I did find a way to make the Superbowl fun this year!!! Some wonderful blogger friends of mine all got together to have a TPT Super Sunday Sale Game of our own. What can be more exciting than this???

How to Play the Game: 
All of the resources posted below have a letter hidden somewhere in them. (Hint: You can find this hidden letter on the second page of the resource.) All of the letters will spell out: 49'ers or Ravens. 
So for instance if you purchase my Valentine's Day BINGO Game you will find a number 9 hidden on the second page. Collect the letters to spell a team's name, or even enough for both names, and then cheer on  your favourite team!! After the game, check to see if you have the letters to spell out the winning team's name. If you do, be the first to post your name and email address AND the items you purchased that spell out the winning team on The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher's blog. Within 24 hours all of the sellers listed below will email you one free item from their store. Ready....Set...Game on !!

4 CUPID-A Sweet Sight Word Game
9      Valentine's Day BINGO Game
E Enemy Pie Reader's Companion or, Super "e" Heroes-A CVCe Word Game, or It's About    Elapsed Time
R Prefix/Suffix/Root-of-the-Day-Book-and-Bundle
S St. Patrick's Day Craftivities
R Roll and Graph a President
A American Symbols Activities
V Valentine's Literacy Centers Aligned to Common Core
E Enemy Pie Reader's Companion or, Super "e" Heroes-A CVCe Word Game, or It's About Elapsed Time
N Mixed Numbers Concentration/Matching Cards
S Iditarod Themed Bulletin Board Project with Student Activities and extra clip art images


Friday, 1 February 2013

Sunday Sale!

Well most people are excited that the Super Bowl is on Sunday. Not me. I am not a football fan at all. For me the game stops too much. I am sure some of you are thinking I am crazy but hey, I live in Canada and hockey is the craze here!! 
What I am excited about on Sunday is the HUGE Super Sunday Sale at TpT!!!!
Everything in my store will be on sale with deals up to 20% off. Please be one of the smart shoppers and use the TpT code of SUPER to get an additional savings of 10% off. OK, time for some math.... That means with my 20% off and TpT's 10% off you can get 28% off!!!! Now that is better than football (and maybe hockey) any day !!!!

The 10% off from TpT during check out is only good until midnight Feb. 3rd, Hawaii time. Aww warm Hawaii......sorry I digress.  Anyways, I am keeping my store on sale for Monday as well, but you will only be able to get the 20% off this day. I know I want the whole deal so Sunday will be my shopping day and do I ever have a lot in my cart waiting. Good thing yesterday was pay day :)

If you are looking for some great deals for your cart here are a couple of my products:

For Intermediate Grades:
My Best Selling Item
Math made fun
Perfect for FSL
For Primary Grades:
50 pages
3 Great Games
Best Seller
Click here to check out all my 141 products on TpT !

Have fun shopping on Sunday (and maybe watching some football) and don't forget to check below for other great TpT sellers putting their stores on sale.


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