Saturday, 19 April 2014

What Does the Fox Say

We just finished our animal unit in Science and I used a little fox to help me! I saw the book What Does The Fox Say a while back and bought it immediately because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. We had a day where we revisited What Does The Fox Say many times. start I read the class the book. Let me tell you it is actually pretty hard (and humorous) to read. My kids laughed many times at me trying to pronounce some of the words (if you can call them words). It was hard to read the words and not read them. My students kept trying to sing along as I was reading so we compromised. I read a page and then they sang that page. I was pretty impressed with their ability to get the right tune (beat?) when they were singing page by page.

After we read/sang the book we had a movement break and did the Just Dance Video for the song. This is one of our favourite brain break activities.

After this we completed a guided drawing of a fox from one of my Draw Write Now books (another favourite in my class).

Once the drawings were finished we brainstormed the characteristics of all the animal groups we studied. Here are the anchor charts we created.

After the brainstorming was completed students had to chose an animal group and 2 of the facts about that group. They had to combine the 2 facts into 1 sentence (this was tough for some of the kids to do) and then print the sentence on a speech bubble. The speech bubbles were cut out and glued on their fox picture to complete their What Does the Fox Say About Animals picture.

Here are some examples of students work.

The bulletin board display was topped of with a giant speech bubble and the only animal print border have. The students were excited to see the final product and their work is informing other students in the school. I think this is one of my most popular bulletin boards so far. There are lots of students and parents reading what my class wrote on their pictures.

What else is new.... we started learning multiplication and my students are LOVING it. So far we have learned out 0,1,2,5 times tables and 10 times tables will be next week. To give them more practice I created a fun Earth Day item. It includes 8 interactive (colouring, cutting, sorting) math activities to practice 2,5, and 10 times tables. I am in love with the graphics and I know I will hear my students say "There are those little kids again!" because I use Melonheadz clipart for so many things.

One of the best things about these pages are they are all in black and white so it saves on ink. Perfect for Earth Day.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bright Idea #3 - Using Your Eyes While Reading

Yay another Bright Ideas Blog Hop. I love them greatly !! I have gotten so many great ideas from them each time.

For this month I thought I would share with you all how I motivate my students to track while they are reading. During my guided reading groups I felt like a broken record always saying "Remember to track with your finger." or "Follow along as we read." Well in a moment of frustration I decided I needed to come up with some motivation for students to track. That night I pulled out my craft box and created these cute popsicle sticks with googly eyes. Students pick one of the sticks and use it to follow along on the page. So far it seems to be working and they like picking their stick color.

The sticks also work great for pairing up students for partner reading. If you have 2 of each color the students with the same colors can be partners. If you only have one of each color they you can say blue and green (or any other color combination) read together.

Shortly after I made the popsicle sticks I came across (I think at Micheal's) these super cute rings that work perfectly. Our guided reading motto has become "Keep your eyes on your reading!" Students are now reminding each other of the motto and I don't have to sound like a broken record.

I will now always be on the look out for fun tracking tools to use.

Be sure to hop through these wonderful blog posts for more BRIGHT ideas!! 
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