Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Getting Ready For Back to School - Day 2

Today I tackled my filing cabinet. I call it "tackled" because it was a DISASTER. There was still stuff in there from the previous teacher and I just grabbed my files out of boxes and shoved them in the drawers the night before school started last year. EVERYTHING was mixed together and every time I wanted something I would have to search through all the files until I found it.

As I was pulling stuff out of the drawers I organized them into piles. I had piles for seasonal stuff, Language Arts, Math, etc.
 As I was doing this I found some "treasures!"

I am not sure what I am going to do with these but they are PERFECTLY cut circles in bright colors. Hmmm... maybe on a bulletin board or anchor chart.

 I also found this coloring book that made me itch immediately. It was an entire coloring book about lice.  I cannot even imagine handing this out and having my students color little lice guys. The next page shows lice glueing (with a glue bottle) their eggs to shafts of hair. UMMM No thank you!

Well after too many hours I finished. It was a way bigger project than I anticipated but everything is labelled and organized :)

Now I will be able to find my stuff without having to search!
For today's organizational freebie I am adding my sampler of Classroom Labels! 

Next Getting Ready for Back to School post will be about me building shelves and creating a back to school bulletin board in the hallway.

If you missed my Getting Ready for Back to School - Day 1 post you can read it here.



  1. Oh no.... that Lice colouring book is too much! LOL Thanks for sharing your progress. Maybe it'll motivate me. :-)

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL

  2. The lice book is gross! When cleaning out my preschool classroom, I found a video about drugs with topics such as "Does weed hurt my brain?" and "What if I want to try cigarettes?" I tossed that one. I can't imagine showing it to preschoolers!

    1. Wow those are "mature" videos for preschool! I guess someone's motto was teach them while they are young!


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