Saturday, 24 December 2016

New Years 2017 Free Mystery Grid Activity

Most years we don't really celebrate New Years in school because we usually go back to school around January 9th. This year we go back on the 3rd so we will get to do some New Years activities!!! 

I just updated my mystery grid activity for 2017 so that will be an activity we will definitely do. Last year I taught my students about grid mapping so this will be a nice review (the benefits of teaching the same class 2 years in a row).

To get your copy just click on the picture.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Chalk Winter Art

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a quick art project for my class to complete. I cannot remember where I saw a picture of a winter scene done on black paper with chalk, but it was likely Pinterest. After searching town for white chalk (our school only had yellow) and finding some, I decided this was the art project for my class.
winter chalk art step by step instructions Terri's Teaching Treasures

I tried 2 methods, one where everything was done on one piece of black construction paper and another using 2 pieces. I decided that I liked the crisp edge of drawing an oval on one piece of paper, drawing the winter scene, and then cutting it out. When I had created it all on once page the edge between the scene and the framing was too messy looking for my liking. 

Supplies needed:
2 pieces of black construction paper per student
1 piece of white chalk per student 
glue stick

Step 1: Draw an oval shape on one of the pieces of paper. Inside the oval draw a winter scene (we stuck to snow and trees) using the chalk.

Step 2: Cut out the oval shape just inside the white oval outline. This makes it so that when glued to the background page there will be a nice crisp shape to the oval. 

Step 3: On the second piece of paper, use the chalk to create a background frame. Some students may choose to blend the chalk, others may like the bolder look of not blending.
 Step 4: Glue the oval winter scene in the center of the background page.
Step 5: This was the hardest for us... Find something to sign your name with that will show up on the page. Usually we sign our names in white on black paper but because of the white chalk the names were not showing up. We found some metallic pens that worked great.   
That's all there is to this project. I just LOVE how they all turned out and my students were proud of their work. They were surprised that they could make such beautiful art in such a short time. The entire project (including my explanation and stapling the art on the bulletin board) took no more than 40 minutes. 

I am always looking for more art ideas, so if you have a blog post or a Pinterest board with art I would love for you to leave a link in the comments. Please also add what grade level the art would be best for.


Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmas Alphabetical Order Freebie

Hi All, have this 15 minute block of time, once a week, first thing int he morning before we go to PE that I have to fill. I usually have my students do some morning work activity. Most times it is Math or Language Arts but it ALWAYS has to be independent work, as the mornings are busy with reading messages from home, collecting permission slips/money (seems like we are always collecting $$), or getting students settled.

Anyways, last week I had to whip up a quick activity because it was taking me longer to find something that would work and that was Christmas themed. I thought that since my students always need practice with alphabetical order I would make a quick page focused on that. I have students working at many different levels and a group of them are slower than molasses finishing anything, so I created 2 versions of the same thing.

There is nothing fancy here, today. No fancy TpT cover, no fancy instructions page, and no fancy additional products page. Just a plain, old new freebie. Just click on any picture, print, and go!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Answering Questions Freebie

Here is a quick freebie for you. I always want to set expectations at the beginning of the year for how I want students to answer questions. Since I teach grade 4/5 I don't want just one word answers (unless it is an adaptation for a student) but rather more in depth answers that have part of the question in them.
 I always tell my students that I should be able to tell what the question is from your answer. If you write Pizza as the answer, is this "Your favourite food", "What you had for dinner last night". or "Your dog's name"? I want them to be specific. 

This worksheet along with a lesson is a fun way for students to practice writing complete sentence answers.


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Teachers Helping Fort McMurray

I haven't written a blog post in WAY too long but this is one cause that I was sure to be involved in. 

If you have not heard, Fort McMurray, a Northern Alberta town, was devastated by a wild fire that tore through the town. Nearly 90 000 people were evacuated and many of them lost their homes and all their belonging. There is still no date set for when they will be able to return to their homes and start the clean up process. It has been estimated that it will cost up to $9 Billion to clean up after the fires. 

I have family and friends who had to evacuate and I cannot even begin to imagine what that moment was like for them. 

There are so many stories showing up in the news about the amazing heroics of those people involved, as well as how people are helping out financially. 
Canada and the world are coming together to help out those in need, and so are a bunch of Canadian teachers. Myself, along with other Teacher Pay Teacher sellers have decided to donate 100% of our Monday, May 16th proceeds to the Red Cross Relief Fund to help those impacted by the wild fire.   

Click Here to be taken to my TpT store.

Here are all the wonderful, kind-hearted TpT sellers who are donating their profits! 


Friday, 12 February 2016

Journal Writing in Intermediate Grades

No matter what grades I have taught I have ALWAYS had my students write journals. Of course journals in primary grades are different that journals in intermediate grades.

At the beginning of the year when I introduce journals to my intermediate students (this year grade 4/5) my students are like..."Hold on! We don't do journals anymore!" This quickly changes to "Hey, when are we writing in our journals again?" 

Here is how I do journals in my intermediate grades.

The MOST important thing is for my students to know that their writing will only be seen by myself. I will not be sharing it with the class to show excellent writing, nor will it be shown to their parents. I also tell them that I am not marking it for spelling (if they make a mistake I try to write a sentence back with the proper spelling of the word) or proper sentences. It WILL NOT be used for report cards either.  Why would I do it then, you ask? It has been the best way to find out more about my students and find out who they really are as a person and not as a student. 

These are the notebooks I use for our journals (mostly because they are cheap!) but you can use whatever you like. I recommend that you do use a notebook of some sort and not just loose leaf paper. This gives you, and the student a chance to see how their writing has changed and they can keep it as a keepsake if they like. 

The format we use is letter writing. They write a letter to me and I write back. I tell them they can ask me ANYTHING. I may or may not answer their question and I will tell them if I don't feel comfortable answering a question. The same thing goes for them. If I ask them a question they can decline to answer it (as long as they tell me they don't want to answer, so I don't think they are ignoring me.)

BELIEVE ME when I say that journal time is the QUIETEST time in my class. EVERY student is working to write in their journal no matter what their writing abilities are. Sure some need adaptations (a scribe - myself or an education assistant writes on a small whiteboard and they copy into their journal, or they get to write few sentences, or get more time to write) but ALL students write. I also let them know that they can write to me using anything they want -- pens, markers, pencil crayons, etc. Just not anything in yellow. It is too hard to

They are super excited to read what I have written and they ALL try and read what I have written. Those student who can read cursive get the challenge of reading my cursive response.  

I have learned so much about my students, from what they did on the weekend, to why they are sad, to what their favorite things are. 

This is the one activity that I will NEVER give up doing with my students. 
Here are some samples of my students' journal entries.

This one shows how much information I received about the things in my students life  all in one journal entry. 


We all have that student who thinks outside the box whenever they do anything. This particular student decided right away that he wanted to give me "Would You Rather" questions. He is pretty creative in the choices he gives me. He always gives me 2-3 different questions like this and I give him 2-3 back. 
He also is an incredible artist and I wanted to incorporate that into one of his responses so I asked him to draw me a picture of his cichlid. 

This next one makes my heart happy because this grade 5 girl was new to our school and she could barely write one sentence. We started with her barely asking me how old I was, to getting a scribe, to writing this all by herself (with the help of our class word box) :)

When I respond to my students is allows me the opportunities to acknowledge great things they have been doing at school, like being responsible citizens...


Or finding out their interests. These are things that I can bring into other lessons. I found out that this student is serious about hockey so when I am writing Math questions I can incorporate hockey into them.  


I really  find out how humorous my students are when I look at how they respond to my entries.

I am not going to lie... It takes a lot of time to respond to my students each week (we do journals once a week) but like I said it is well worth it. My students open up to me and they get a glimpse into my life outside of school as well. 

If you use journals in intermediate grades, I would love it if you left a comment below telling me how you do it.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fun Ways to Dismiss Your Class

I am always looking for new ways to dismiss my class. Whether we are going from the carpet area back to our desks or from our desks to the carpet area or from either place to the door, I don't want my students rushing in a big mob to where they are asked to go. To avoid this I always usually have my students go a few at a time. To add fun to this transition I have a variety of criteria for who gets to go when.

An example is, I say "If you had cereal for breakfast then go _________." Those student move and then I continue. "If you had _________ for breakfast then go ________." and so on until all students are lined up. 

The 25 options I use the most are:

1.)          Month in which they were born
2.)        Beginning letter of first/last name
3.)        Number of vowels in first name
4.)          How they got to school (bus, walk, bike, car)
5.)          Favorite ice cream flavor
6.)          Favorite school subject
7.)          First letter of middle name
8.)          Number of syllables in last name
9.)           Color of pants/skirt/shorts
10.)        Color of shirt
11.)         Color of hair
12.)        Color of eyes
13.)        Color of coat at school
14.)       Color of shoes
15.)        Type of ties on shoes (Velcro, laces, none)
16.)        Type of shirt (short/long-sleeve, color, buttons)
17.)        Length of hair
18.)        Number of brothers/sisters
19.)       Color of socks
20.)       What they ate for breakfast
21.)       What they ate for lunch
22.)      Number of family members living in their house
23.)       Type of pet
24.)      Number of pets
25.)       Movies they have seen

I have compiled the 25 different options on one page that you can print out to have on hand. You can get them by clicking here.
I hope this helps you have smooth transitions in your classroom!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Free Place Value Math Game
Hi All,
Just a quick post here today. I am off to work to get things ready for next week but I thought I would post one of my classes favorite place value review activities.

Who doesn't love Duck Dynasty? Students play concentration/memory with the cards to match the standard form of a number to its expanded form card. There are 2 sets of numbers: numbers in the hundreds and the thousands. 

There is also a color version and a black and white version. You chose which ever suites your needs :) 

Click on any of the pictures to get your free copy!

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