Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fun Ways to Dismiss Your Class

I am always looking for new ways to dismiss my class. Whether we are going from the carpet area back to our desks or from our desks to the carpet area or from either place to the door, I don't want my students rushing in a big mob to where they are asked to go. To avoid this I always usually have my students go a few at a time. To add fun to this transition I have a variety of criteria for who gets to go when.

An example is, I say "If you had cereal for breakfast then go _________." Those student move and then I continue. "If you had _________ for breakfast then go ________." and so on until all students are lined up. 

The 25 options I use the most are:

1.)          Month in which they were born
2.)        Beginning letter of first/last name
3.)        Number of vowels in first name
4.)          How they got to school (bus, walk, bike, car)
5.)          Favorite ice cream flavor
6.)          Favorite school subject
7.)          First letter of middle name
8.)          Number of syllables in last name
9.)           Color of pants/skirt/shorts
10.)        Color of shirt
11.)         Color of hair
12.)        Color of eyes
13.)        Color of coat at school
14.)       Color of shoes
15.)        Type of ties on shoes (Velcro, laces, none)
16.)        Type of shirt (short/long-sleeve, color, buttons)
17.)        Length of hair
18.)        Number of brothers/sisters
19.)       Color of socks
20.)       What they ate for breakfast
21.)       What they ate for lunch
22.)      Number of family members living in their house
23.)       Type of pet
24.)      Number of pets
25.)       Movies they have seen

I have compiled the 25 different options on one page that you can print out to have on hand. You can get them by clicking here.
I hope this helps you have smooth transitions in your classroom!


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  2. Overall that's an amazing post.

  3. I do something similar in my classroom, but you gave me some new ideas! Thank you for sharing this!


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