Saturday, 14 May 2016

Teachers Helping Fort McMurray

I haven't written a blog post in WAY too long but this is one cause that I was sure to be involved in. 

If you have not heard, Fort McMurray, a Northern Alberta town, was devastated by a wild fire that tore through the town. Nearly 90 000 people were evacuated and many of them lost their homes and all their belonging. There is still no date set for when they will be able to return to their homes and start the clean up process. It has been estimated that it will cost up to $9 Billion to clean up after the fires. 

I have family and friends who had to evacuate and I cannot even begin to imagine what that moment was like for them. 

There are so many stories showing up in the news about the amazing heroics of those people involved, as well as how people are helping out financially. 
Canada and the world are coming together to help out those in need, and so are a bunch of Canadian teachers. Myself, along with other Teacher Pay Teacher sellers have decided to donate 100% of our Monday, May 16th proceeds to the Red Cross Relief Fund to help those impacted by the wild fire.   

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Here are all the wonderful, kind-hearted TpT sellers who are donating their profits! 


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  1. When I read such articles devoted to different disasters and accidents, I really get shocked. In such moments you understand how unpredictable the life can be.


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