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  1. I wanted to comment on your VistaPrint page, but couldn't.

    I got a VistaPrint rubber stamp made that says "French homework not complete today" with an unhappy face emoticon for use in agendas. I use it in conjunction with a positive reinforcement homework tracking sheet as well, so students are responsible for having either their agenda open for a quick communication home, OR their tracking page (done a certain number of times = a prize from my prize bin!)

    My carrot-and-stick-approach to getting students to practice concepts at home a couple of times a week.

    French Teacher Resources

  2. Tammy - Thanks for letting me know about the comments on my Vistaprint page. I fixed it and people can now leave comments:)
    I love the stamp you made. I might just have to get one for myself.

  3. Hi Terry, I found your blog by clicking lots of links! I'm going to Haiti to work with deaf children. I don't speak much french, but all of our materials need to be in French. Saw you had a few French items on TPT...wondering if you might be able to point me in the direction of some free materials for young children in french. Thanks! Jen Kilpatrick (


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