Monday, 8 August 2011

I Love Great Deals

After dinner I went to Staples to have a look around for some great deals and WOW did I ever find them. Duotangs were on for 10 cents each. I was only allowed to buy 20 so I think I will go back tomorrow. Coil notebooks were on for 15cents, Four exercise books for 25cents and packages of paper (15 sheets) for only 19cents. After buying the maximum that I was allowed I walked away only spending just over $7. Now that is a great deal! The sale is on until Aug 10th so I know I will be going back to stock up.
This lead me to wonder..... Is it better to have students bring their own school supplies or for me/you buy the supplies that you really want your students to have and then later collect the money from parents? I love it when my students all have the same supplies so then I can have all my mat duotangs one color and the science ones another. For some reason parents consistently buy novelty duotangs and it makes it hard to organize. What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Hi Terri. I love the look of your new blog! Very, very cute! Thank you for adding my button to your blog; I have added your button to mine! :) Good luck and have a great teaching year.


  2. My husband and I both teach, and we just buy most of what we want the kids to have, especially in regards to folders. We do not collect any $$ from the parents because they really don't have it.

    Good start on your blog. I hope you will check out mine as well.

  3. When I write my supply list, I make it VERY specific. That seems to help. But, to a certain extent, I'm just happy with whatever I get!
    Good luck with the new blog! I'll grab your button and put it on my blog. I hope you'll take a look at mine, too. I'm doing a giveaway. Come by and get a freebie!
    Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures

  4. I think that every person loves great deals. When you find a discounted item, you gotta buy it, because it is not expensive.


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