Sunday, 1 April 2012

Everything Poetry

April is National Poetry Month so I thought I would have my first blog post of the month all about poetry. I LOVE teaching poetry in my class especially with the older grades because they are very creative and are not always reliant on templates to fill in the blank. I am kind of sad that this year I won't be able to use my Complete Poetry Unit in my class because I am teaching Grade 3/4 with mostly grade 3s and the unit is geared towards intermediate and middle school grades. This won't stop me from sharing it with you all though : )

Below you will see the list of what is in the unit, pictures of the final products some of my students completed, as well as 2 FREE puzzles from the unit !!!!

The unit comes with  the following:
*the unit outline
*poetry booklet outline
*poetry booklet marking sheet
*3 page (11 question) poetry quiz
*word search
* Crossword Puzzle with answer key
*Activity sheet for 9 poetry types and 5 poetic devices
*poetry types: tanka, haiku, acrostic, limerick, clerihew, couplet,cinquain, 

diamante 1, diamante 2
*poetic devices: onomatopoeia, alliteration, hyperbole, simile,metaphor

Click on the picture to get your FREE poetry word search and crossword puzzle! Answer keys are included : )

Here is also a list of websites that have great resources for poetry.
Giggle Poetry 
Fizzy, Funny, Fuzzy Poetry For Kids
Poetry Teachers
Shel Silverstein's Website 

Here are a few of Pinterest Boards which are dedicated to Poetry as well.

If you have other websites or products you love for poetry please share as a comment. I always love to find new resources to add to my collection



  1. I LOVE the Poem Tree for "Poe-tree"! I like teaching poetry too... it's a great way for students to really let their creativity run wild and have fun with language.

    Teacher Talk

    1. The Poem Tree came from a very creative student in my class last year. Everyone was in awe and some even wanted to redo their projects. I got some really cool ones but didn't get a chance to take pictures. One student made a basket of rocks and on the rocks the poems were written. Another student made a Smartboard presentation of their poetry assignment. I love the creativity this unit allows for. Along with this unit I also incorporated Tracee Orman's poetry activity using Katy Perry's Fireworks song!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog-- now following :) I'd love it if you visited me!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Hi Terri, I love the poem tree! What a great idea and I love that it came from a student! Very cool unit!

    One Teacher's Take

  4. Miss ya hope you are doing well :) I love teaching poetry!

    1. I am doing well thanks. I have been insanely busy with my Master's work so have been a little absent from everything. I only have 1 course this next semester so I should have more time.
      How are things with you?

  5. Oh,cinquain is one of my favorites, even in college :) It always works :) Love your blog, greetings from Croatia and good luck with your Master's degree!

  6. Hi Terri!

    Have you received the Lovely Blog Award yet? I'd love to give it to you!


  7. Great poetry resource! Thanks for sharing ;) I'm your newest follower! Found you through Teaching Blog Addict 4th grade list. Would love if you could check out my blog.


  8. Oh my goodness so many brilliant ideas! I'm so glad I found you through the linky party! I'm definitely going to
    follow your blog!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  9. Found you through All Things Upper Elementary. My poetry unit is one of the favorite things I do all year! I love adding Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech. Thanks, Caitlin (


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