Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada Day, Eh!!! I love being Canadian and am proud to live in such a beautiful country.
Since it is Canada's birthday I am going to create a list of fantastic books written by Canadian authors or ones that have Canadian content. I started by searching for pictures of the books I love and then came across this website that has 100 of them. Instead of me typing check out One Hundred Best Canadian Books for Children !

I did notice they left out perhaps my all time favourite Canadian book, Moses Me & Murder , by Ann Walsh. I am a little bias because Barkerville is a short drive for me and usually we take our students there for a field trip. Oh yeah and they have the best candy store and bakery....mmmmmm. If you have $$ for a field trip and want to travel to Beautiful British Columbia I recommend Barkerville. Hey you can stop by and visit me on the way :) 

If you have any other Canadian books, products, stores, or really anything Canadian, that you love please leave a link in the comments section for all to see.

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