Saturday, 17 August 2013

Its a Best and Most Linky !!!

It is Back to School with another TpT Sale!!!! Christina from  Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge is hosting a Back to School Best & Most Linky Party !!! What a fabulous idea. It makes me feel like I am in high school again :) Well not really, we voted on best and most for our yearbook but I didn't make any of them. Not a bad thing I guess ... who wants to be voted most likely to be living in your parent's home at age 30 or most likely to end up in jail? lol ! Most likely to be rich and famous might be nice though :P
Okay I digress. Let me get back on track. We had to go through our TpT stores and select items for Teacher's Pet, Most Likely to Help Students Succeed, and Best Couple (I like this one).
And the Winners were ....

Teacher's Pet:
My Back to School Unit because not only does it have fun activities for the students, but it also has a bulletin board idea/template as well as lesson/unit plan outlines and parent communication items for the teacher. 
Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed:
I chose my graphic organizers that can be used with any book. These pages help differentiate the learning for students and are created at a variety of academic levels (Gr 1-5).
Best Couple:
Awe, what a cute awards !!! For this one I chose my newest item and perhaps the one I have been working on the longest. It is over 270 Classroom Labels and Signs in a turquoise, lime green, black, and pink (just a hint) color scheme. Most of the labels are in multiple colors so you can choose which ones you want to use.
The other half of this couple is probably one of my favorite items :) It is a READ banner that you print and create. You have the choice of turquoise, lime green, black, or pink lettering and it looks super cute if you attach the circles with polka dot ribbon.
I would love to hear if you were voted best or most likely at your high school :)


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