Wednesday, 31 December 2014

January Currently

Wow I cannot believe that 2014 is over and 2015 is here. I still remember when I was in Grade 8 (1990) and we were figuring out how old we would be in the year 2000. Yikes!

I am excited to start the year off with Farley's Currently Link Up!
 Listening: Since we are moving into a WAY bigger house in a month we have to start furnishing it. Our first purchase was a new t.v. for the family room. We got a great deal as part of a Boxing Day sale and wanted to test the new t.v. out before we moved. This requires us to dismantle/box up our old one. Don't tell my husband that I posted this here but when he gets frustrated he

Loving: My husband for taking the time to do the t.v. all by himself and letting me blog :) 

Thinking: When we move I get to have my very own office!!!! With this I get to decorate/paint however I want. I have spent A LOT of time on Pinterest and think grey and teal are my favourite colour choices (so far).

Wanting: Since this is my first blog post of the new year and I want to wish you all a new year filled with happiness and love.

Needing: I have spent much of this Christmas break packing and we are living in boxes. I am not sure where else to store boxes. I decided we have to much "stuff."

Yes: I keep saying I want to be a runner (and a wine lover) and this will be the year I WILL run 5K. Next year I might take on the task of trying to like wine....hahahaha
Maybe: As I said, I have been scouring Pinterest for decorating ideas and there are lots of projects for refinishing old furniture and it usually turns out beautiful. I may be feeling crafty and want to try it.
I Wish: I spend way too much time at work and want to spend more time at home with the family.

Well, that is my Currently for this month. Don't forget to check out Farley's blog for other blogger's Currentlys (the Currently of other bloggers....hmmm nothing sounds right here.)


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Winter Ebook and Christmas Freebies

I am super excited to announce that I have been included in this years Winter Ebook for Grades 3-5!!!!! All of the Ebooks are amazing and it is hard to get a spot in them so when I found out my page was going to be included I was ecstatic.
Click on the picture to get your FREE copy of this amazing book. There are 50 pages and each page has a holiday tip from the TpT seller and a freebie. If you are doing the math that is 50 FREEBIES!!!!

You can find my multiplication freebie on page 19, along with a tip for using glitter in the classroom.

Because 50 freebies my not be enough here are links to 3 more of mine :)


Sunday, 30 November 2014

December Currently

Wow! Two blog posts in one day. Well, I missed last months Currently and didn't want to miss it again. So here it is:
Listening: I am obsessed with Sam Smith. Every song he sings is brilliant.

Loving: Okay those of you who know me know this is not surprising. I LOVE shopping online. There are so many great deals to be had. If you are looking for some great deals check out my TpT store which is on sale for 28% off using the code TPTCYBER.

Thinking: We just bought a house and get to move in on Feb. 2nd. We want to redo the flooring in the main living room but cannot decide which type of flooring to go with; hardwood or carpet. It is a log home so we worry that wood floor might be too much wood. HMMM....

Wanting: If you have not tried a cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks yet you have to stop reading this and RUN to your nearest Starbucks and get one. They are AMAZING!!!!

Needing: We have gotten a ton of snow and need a snow blower because I am tired of shoveling.
Giving: We just started Secret Santa at work and I spent part of the weekend shopping for little gifts to give my person each day! I am so excited about this because I love giving gifts.

Head on over to Farley's blog, Oh Boy Fourth Grade to check out more December Currently's 

Too Much Snow and a Literacy Center

Well we have been hit hard by Mother Nature these last couple of days. We had no snow (usually it snows at the beginning of November) and I was beginning to wonder what Christmas was going to look like when ... WHAM! We got a ton.  We had so much snow at once that Thursday was a snow day. Here on snow days school staff still have to go to school but the buses are not running. This also happens when it is too cold (-32 degrees Celsius). Hey, guess what... It got to -32 this weekend. BRRRR.
This was my back deck after ONE day of snowing. This doesn't include the snow that fell the second day of non stop snowing. 

Well what is a teacher to do when it is too cold to go outside and they are sick of shoveling. Laminate of course!!! My Snow Rhyming literacy center got worn out last year so I made a new one.
 This literacy center is super easy to make.

Just print and cut.


Cut again.

 The cards can be used with the headers as an independent literacy center or students can work together and play concentration (trying to match rhyming words). 


Monday, 24 November 2014

CAFE Strategies

Well it finally feels like we are in the swing of things at school. Everything is behind because of our late start so it is weird that we only have a few CAFE strategies done. Here is an update on our most recent activities.

We had a Seusstastic time with our Tune in to Interesting Words lesson! Throughout the reading of Oh, The Places You'll Go! students put up their hands when they heard a word they found interesting. After each page we added the words to our anchor chart. This was a fabulous book for the lesson because in typical Dr. Seuss fashion there are a ton of "interesting" words.   
One of my favourite CAFE lessons is for Make a Picture With My Mind. I always use the fractured fairy tale Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks! 

Students can relate to it because most of them have already heard about Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Before the lesson, I chose 6 spots in the story to stop and have students sketch what image is in their head. At the start of the lesson we talk about what a sketch looks like (no colours, quick drawing, not a ton of details) and I demonstrate on the board for them. I hand out the papers for the activity (see below for a free copy) and tell students they will only have 1 minute to draw each sketch and then we will move on. This is key. Don't give them too much time or they will get hung up on the details and be upset when you have to move on. 
It always amazes me how silent the student are while I am reading. They don't get to see the pictures in the book so they have to listen closely. When I give them the signal to start sketching, EVERY student quickly goes to work. Yup, EVERY student. I have a couple behaviour designated students who are defiant and avoid work. Even they are busy sketching!!!  When I signal all pencils down, that happens too because they don't want to miss out on the next part of the story.
Here are  a few examples of what I got from my students this year :) 

 This year's class was pretty hung up on the wedding at the end, hence the kissing pictures. Most years I have had pictures of the giant looking through the clouds at Jack and his mother. Not this year

Click on the image here to get your free copy of the graphic organizer.
I hope your students enjoy this as much as mine did. Check back later for more updates on how CAFE is going in my classroom.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

And We All Turned Into Turkeys!

Our Thanksgiving is over here and so are our Thanksgiving themed activities. This year I had student turn themselves into turkeys. Well not literally :)
While I was procrastinating on Facebook I saw a post by Mrs. Beattie with this activity for Thanksgiving and I knew my class would love it.

I started by reading them this humorous book. The turkeys are quite the partiers.

After we read the story we talked about what it would be like to be a turkey at Thanksgiving. We created this anchor chart to help with writing time. They were pretty creative.
Now it was time to get to turning ourselves into turkeys. My criteria for the turkeys was that the feathers must be in a pattern (we were working on patterns in math) and they need to do their best colouring. While students were happily colouring their turkeys, I was taking their pictures. I wish I could show you the turkeys with their little faces. They are super cute, especially those who are missing their front teeth and smiled to show it. Toothless grins are the cutest.
After the turkeys were completed, students started working on their writing. This was our first major writing project so it took a bit to get them to write more than a few sentences. A goal for this year is to write multiple paragraphs!

After the first day working on this project I got the flu and 3 Teacher on Calls had to finish with my class (Our district is short on Teachers on Call and that was why I had a different one each day). My standards are a little higher so the printing wasn't as neat as I wanted and there were some responses I wouldn't have allowed but I was so sick (3 days away) I didn't care at the time.
To get the template for this activity, visit Mrs. Beattie's store here.

My students also had fun completing my Thanksgiving Syllable Sort literacy center.
 Now it is time to pack it all away and gear up for Halloween!!!!


Saturday, 4 October 2014

October Currently

I cannot believe it is October already but with that comes my FAVOURITE holiday....Halloween! I love everything about it :)

Well since it is the beginning of the month here is my Currently. 

Listening: It is after dinner and the dishes are being washed. I am so thankful we have a dishwasher because I am not too fond of doing dishes. I like washing better than drying but I like letting a machine do it even better.

Loving: Yup I am a reality TV fan and Survivor is my favourite. I am in a Survivor pool at work so hopefully I will win. Go Jon Go!!!

Thinking: I have been slacking on the blogging lately. Sorry, I will try and post more often :)

Wanting: Because of our teacher strike we got a late start to school and in the 2 weeks we have been back I have had 3 different groups of students. We got an extra teacher to help with class composition and size so we had another shuffle and I finally got my class part way through Thursday. I have been with my students for a day and a half only. I think they are going to be a great (and busy) group of 20 second graders. 

Needing: Yikes my split ends are out of control.

Treat: Here's the best part. For the next week I will have my best selling Halloween product on sale for 20% off. This is great for getting a head start on planning! It is 75 pages of Halloween fun!!!!

Don't for get to check out Farrah's Currently link up on Oh' Boy 4th Grade for some other great Tricks or Treats!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hundreds Chart Puzzle Freebie

We are still not back into our classrooms. I just finished my 5th week (2 in June, 1 in August, 2 in September) on the picket line :( Since we are not back at work I have had extra time to get things ready. Well what I can do with the stuff I have at home.  
I have been meaning to make some hundreds chart puzzles for awhile now and finally got around to it. 
To make the puzzles I printed the hundreds chart below on to coloured card stock and then laminated them. I taped the label to the Ziploc bag and then cut up the chart to make puzzle pieces.  The labels will match the colour of the puzzle pieces making it easy to organize if they get mixed up !!!!
To get a free copy of the 100s chart puzzle page just click on the picture.

Want More?

I took this hundreds chart from my huge bundle of 73 different hundreds charts. There are charts for numbers 1-1000. There are not only completed charts but charts with numbers missing so students can practice filling in the blanks. There are charts for skip counting to 100 by 2, 5, and 10, as well. Click here to get all these charts.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Clutter Free Desk

All last year I battled a cluttered desk. I would have piles of papers on my desk waiting to be put somewhere. Once I marked students work they went into 2 piles --- Completed and ready for duotangs or Corrections to be done. These piles would get in the way and make my desk look messy until I was ready to hand them back. It drove me nuts so I wanted a new system for this year.
Free editable drawer labels Terri's Teaching Treasures

I am pretty sure I got this idea from another blog but I cannot remember where (Sorry, if it was your blog let me know and i will give credit where credit is due.)

The first thing I did when I saw the other blog was go searching for a black 3-drawer storage organizer. I couldn't find a black one that didn't have little divider cups on the top (they gather dirt and debris) so I went with a white one like this one on Amazon. After some shopping around I found one at Walmart but it was a little more expensive. I went for convenience on for this purchase :) 

I knew I didn't want a white organizer so I had to spray paint it. Here is a close up of the 
paint I used. Click Here to get the details of the paint. 

The black paint turned out exactly how I wanted it to and it was quick (1 hour drying time) and easy. 

Now it was time to create the labels for the drawer. I thought of what I needed most for the drawers and decided I wanted a place for the items I need to laminate (last year I lost a few small items who knows where) or cut, completed work ready for duotangs, and work that needed corrections. Of course the labels had to match my colour theme so turquoise and lime green they are!!!!

Here is the final product. I love it and cannot wait until we go back to work (still on strike) so that I can start using them and have a tidy desk area.

I don't want to keep these all to myself so I am sharing the labels with you all. Because mine were so specific to my needs I made 3 more (file, copy, grade) to add to them for you.  Click on the picture to get the FREE labels!!!

If you want an editable version of the labels you can get those here. You will need PowerPoint to access the file. 

*** NOTE*** You must download or make a copy of the file before you can edit it. If you do not do this it will ask you to get me to grant you access to the original file. I will not do this as any changes you make will forever change the file. Also, it violates the copyright agreement I have with the graphic artists, 

If you do not want editable labels, I have created a pdf for you that has the 12 premade labels. You can get those FREE right here.

Check out my last spray paint adventure to stay organized!! I made a teacher toolbox that I NEEDED to customize :)

Happy organizing!

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