Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tops Pins of 2013
Happy New Year Everyone!!! I love linky parties and I saw at Principal Principles that she was having a fun link up for our most pinned pins on Pinterest (there's some alliteration for you!) and I thought since I loved Pinterest so much I should do this one.
I searched through all my pins this year and learned 2 things... I have pinned ALOT this year and which collaborative boards help me the most!

Here are my top 5 pins of 2013 (I only included pins I made or blogged about) ... Click on the pictures to go to the pins.

#5 This is a blog post I did about how I have a writing word box instead of a word wall. This was from my last years class (gr4/5) where I feel they are too old for a word wall.

#4  This one surprised me the most. It is a pin for one of my products, 73 hundreds charts for students to fill in . The charts go all the way to 1000.
#3A free calendar for the 2013/2014 school year. These are so useful.
#2 This pin is for the item in my store that I love the most and get the most compliments on when people come into my classroom. It is my READ sign that I have hanging in my classroom library. It comes with 4 different colors.
Are you ready for #1? Well here it is........

#1 This is a blog post where I was catching up on things we had been working on. It included the inferencing stuff we had been working on as well as some heart mapping we did.

What a great idea for a link up. I think I am going to do this every year.

On another note, my New Year's Resolution is to blog more often. I have to still get caught up on the fun things we did before the holidays and those will be coming soon!




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