Friday, 1 August 2014

Let's Have Some Fun Linky

I love having fun in my classroom and am bringing some "fun" to this blog post! Sally at Elementary Matters is having a Let's Have Some Fun Linky and I decided to join!!!

Part one of the linky has me sharing a funny story from my classroom. It took a bit of time to think of the one that I wanted to share. We seem to have many funny moments in my classroom. I decided that I would share something from my first year teaching Grade 1. My friends would tell you that me teaching Grade 1 is the funny part. I vowed I would never teach below Grade 3 but when you want a job you take what there is. Sorry I was sidetracked. Me teaching Grade 1 is not the funny

Here is the funny part: Each week we did spelling and this one day a student came up to me looking very concerned. I asked her what was wrong and she said that I gave her a swear word for their spelling this week and she didn't like that. Confused, I asked her what she was talking about and then she said I gave them the "a" word on the list. I had her point to the word and at that moment she said the word....YIKES I am glad no parents or administrator was around because she said the "A" word.... You know "as". Well we say as but a Grade 1 student sounding it out says "a" "s". I know I don't have to spell out the word for you but I got quite a chuckle and tell this story to colleagues still today. for a fun product.... This was an easy choice. My students have so much fun playing this Duck Dynasty game. It is always the first one to be taken. Students have to try and build the biggest/smallest/closest number to earn duck points. The person with the most duck points wins.

You can get Duck Wars along with other fun products for your classroom during the Teachers Pay Teachers annual Back To School Sale. My entire store will be on sale and if you use the promo code BTS14 at checkout you will get 28% off your total.

I know my cart is already filling up and there is nothing more fun than getting a discount!

Don't forget to check out the other links on Elementary Matters Link Up!


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  1. Oh no! Those little ones and their spellings... and their interpretations of our spellings! I've had a few papers I couldn't hang up because of their invented spellings! Thanks for linking up!

    Sally from Elementary Matters


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