Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hundreds Chart Puzzle Freebie

We are still not back into our classrooms. I just finished my 5th week (2 in June, 1 in August, 2 in September) on the picket line :( Since we are not back at work I have had extra time to get things ready. Well what I can do with the stuff I have at home.  
I have been meaning to make some hundreds chart puzzles for awhile now and finally got around to it. 
To make the puzzles I printed the hundreds chart below on to coloured card stock and then laminated them. I taped the label to the Ziploc bag and then cut up the chart to make puzzle pieces.  The labels will match the colour of the puzzle pieces making it easy to organize if they get mixed up !!!!
To get a free copy of the 100s chart puzzle page just click on the picture.

Want More?

I took this hundreds chart from my huge bundle of 73 different hundreds charts. There are charts for numbers 1-1000. There are not only completed charts but charts with numbers missing so students can practice filling in the blanks. There are charts for skip counting to 100 by 2, 5, and 10, as well. Click here to get all these charts.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Clutter Free Desk

All last year I battled a cluttered desk. I would have piles of papers on my desk waiting to be put somewhere. Once I marked students work they went into 2 piles --- Completed and ready for duotangs or Corrections to be done. These piles would get in the way and make my desk look messy until I was ready to hand them back. It drove me nuts so I wanted a new system for this year.
Free editable drawer labels Terri's Teaching Treasures

I am pretty sure I got this idea from another blog but I cannot remember where (Sorry, if it was your blog let me know and i will give credit where credit is due.)

The first thing I did when I saw the other blog was go searching for a black 3-drawer storage organizer. I couldn't find a black one that didn't have little divider cups on the top (they gather dirt and debris) so I went with a white one like this one on Amazon. After some shopping around I found one at Walmart but it was a little more expensive. I went for convenience on for this purchase :) 

I knew I didn't want a white organizer so I had to spray paint it. Here is a close up of the 
paint I used. Click Here to get the details of the paint. 

The black paint turned out exactly how I wanted it to and it was quick (1 hour drying time) and easy. 

Now it was time to create the labels for the drawer. I thought of what I needed most for the drawers and decided I wanted a place for the items I need to laminate (last year I lost a few small items who knows where) or cut, completed work ready for duotangs, and work that needed corrections. Of course the labels had to match my colour theme so turquoise and lime green they are!!!!

Here is the final product. I love it and cannot wait until we go back to work (still on strike) so that I can start using them and have a tidy desk area.

I don't want to keep these all to myself so I am sharing the labels with you all. Because mine were so specific to my needs I made 3 more (file, copy, grade) to add to them for you.  Click on the picture to get the FREE labels!!!

If you want an editable version of the labels you can get those here. You will need PowerPoint to access the file. 

*** NOTE*** You must download or make a copy of the file before you can edit it. If you do not do this it will ask you to get me to grant you access to the original file. I will not do this as any changes you make will forever change the file. Also, it violates the copyright agreement I have with the graphic artists, 

If you do not want editable labels, I have created a pdf for you that has the 12 premade labels. You can get those FREE right here.

Check out my last spray paint adventure to stay organized!! I made a teacher toolbox that I NEEDED to customize :)

Happy organizing!

Monday, 1 September 2014

September Currently

I cannot believe it is September already. Soon it will be my birthday! I still get excited like a little kid :)

Here is this months Currently.

Listening: I just woke up and am starting my morning routine which involves COFFEE!!!! It is sad to say but I cannot function without it.

Loving: I have such a hard time finding boots that will fit my wide calves and I found some grey ones I love. Bring on the fall weather so I can wear them.

Thinking: I bought a plastic paper organizer and the only problem is it is white and doesn't match my classroom decor (lime green and turquoise). I am trying to decide if I should paint it black or turquoise.

Wanting: Our union is still on strike trying to get good language on class size and composition (and a wage increase of course). We have been on full walk out sing the middle of June. Tomorrow should be the first day of school for us.

Needing: No explanation here...I HATE cleaning bathrooms.

3 Trips: Hawaii....beautiful beaches      Victoria ..... family and friends       Ireland ..... love the scenery and I want to go to an Irish pub.

Well that was a fun Currently and I would like to thank Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for all her organization on this link up. Visit her blog to see more Currently posts. 

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