Sunday, 14 February 2016

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

When I am not at work I can usually be found somewhere near a soccer field waiting for my son, Parker, to finish practice or cheering him on in a game. I LOVE watching him play soccer. 
He use to be that player who was picking the dandelions on the field and then one day all that changed. 
He decided that soccer was going to be his life. All he wanted to do was play soccer. It didn't matter what time in the morning (yikes there were some EARLY morning games) or what social event he was missing, as long as he got to kick a ball around.
His determination and hard work has been paying off this last year. He was selected as one of the Vancouver Whitecaps Academy players of the year! Very few players in B.C. can say they have earned this honor. To top that off he was asked to play on a team that travels throughout North America and Europe. They will be going to California at the end of April to play a bunch of games. Parker is over the moon excited about this opportunity and can see his dreams coming true. We are so incredibly proud of all he has accomplished.

If you have a child in competitive sports you know that it can be VERY expensive. Parker is fundraising to try and make the trip and we were talking about how I can help him reach his goal. I cannot get a second job because I am too busy being a teacher and soccer mom, so we had to do more thinking. This is when the idea to post on here came to us. I don't normally do this but I am willing to do  anything to help my son reach his goals and see his dreams come true.

 This is where you come in.... 

For every dollar that you donate to Parker's fundraising, I will offer you the same amount in products from my TpT store! There is no limit to how much you can get -- If you donate $5 you will get $5 worth of products. If you donate $20, you will get $20 worth of products. It is as simple as that!!!! We would be so grateful for any support you can give.
All you have to do is go to Parker's fundraising page and donate. Once you have made your donation send me an email ( with the name you donated under, the amount, and a list of all the items you would like me to send you. Then I will send you the products and a HUGE thank you :)

As a thank you for just reading this I have included a freebie, soccer-themed of course :)

These math centers focus on basic multiplication facts and subtracting 3-digit numbers with regrouping.

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